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This region is full of activities for nature-lovers. We have a folder full of detailed excursions. There are excursions to suit every taste, short or long, walking, cycling or by car, more focused on nature or more focused on culture, for children or adults....

Activities on the grounds and the surrounding area

  • Feed the animals

    In Refugi de Guilles you can see and help feed our farm animals, which include chickens, rabbits, turkey and baby goats...

    donant de menjar a les cabretes

    donant de menjar als anecs

    donant de menjar als conills

  • Stargazing

    If you want to see the night sky as you have never seen it, we suggest this unique and fascinating experience;stargazing.
    All the equipment you need is available for use. If required, a knowledgeable guide can come to the lodge to show you, in an educational way, the hidden mysteries of the universe.
    You can see the rings of Saturn, the craters of the moon, clusters of stars and much more. A great activity for adults and children alike.
    observació del cel Nit d'estels
  • Forest walks

    Enjoy a walk through the Horse Chestnut and Oak tree lined forests. This really is an all year round activity, pick berries in the spring or chestnuts and mushrooms in the autumn. Be amazed by the waterfalls and spectacular views.
    passejades passejades
  • Gathering chestnuts

    The region of Catalonia is proud of its local produce. The people are passionate about preserving the long tradition of coming together for a special dinner to eat the food that is in season. In autumn the forests change their colours from green to orange and yellow. The forest trails are lined with leaves and chestnuts. Refugi de Guilles will provide you with baskets for gathering chestnuts so that, later, you can roast the chestnuts over the fire like a local. The smell of roasting chestnuts reminds us that Christmas is coming.




    la carretera a la tardor

  • Hunting for wild mushrooms 

    Another unmissable Catalan tradition is picking wild mushrooms. The best spots are well guarded secrets passed down from generation to generation. Locals gather at first light to see what has sprouted after the rainfall from the night before. In the forests surrounding the house you will find a wide variety of mushrooms (Chanterelles, Caesar's Mushroom, Porcini and many more). Baskets for gathering and guide books to help you identify the edible mushrooms are available.

  • Climb to the summit of Sant Benet

    San Benet is the summit of the mountain where Refugi de Guilles is situated. It is the second highest of the Guillerías (1.144 metres) and one of the most prominent peaks of this mountain range in view. Sau Reservoir, Montseny, Guillerías green valley, the cliffs of Tavertet, and even the ocean can be seen from the summit.
    el cim de Sant Benet el cim de Sant Benet el cim de Sant Benet


  • Visit the Mare de Déu del Coll Sanctuary

    Magnificent and sombre, this Romanesque church was built at the end of the 12th century. Today it serves as a parish and cosy sanctuary to the Bishop of Vic. Also housed here is a contemporary stained glass window designed by Domènec Fita and the remains of a baroque alter, a piece of work by Antoni Barnoya dating back to the 17th century.

    santuari Mare de Déu del Coll santuari Mare de Déu del Coll
  • Excursions in a 4x4

    If you have a 4x4 you can drive through the forests to get to the more isolated locations.

    rutes 4x4
    rutes 4x4




Activities in the surrounding area

  • Visit the Susqueda Reservoir (7km, 15 min)

    The Susqueda Reservoir is a dam which forms part of the river Ter. Apart from its role in the production of electrical energy and as a water reserve, it also has beautiful surrounding landscape given its location in the midst of the lush mountainous valley. Enjoy a walk over the dam, follow the river downstream, bathe or go fishing etc.
    presa de Susqueda presa de Susqueda
  • Osor Village (6,7km, 13 min)

    Osor is the closest populated area to Refugi de Guilles. It makes for an interesting walk to stroll through the village to observing the stone houses, medieval bridges, Romanesque church dedicated to San Pedro, and moreover to walk along the passageway of Font del Borrell, one of the most well known fountains in the region which adds to the charm of Osor village with its fountains and streams, inhabited by fish, duck and geese.
    Osor Osor-Font d'en Borrell
  • Walking Trails

    For the more active tourist we suggest the following walking trails.
    *GR178 or Serrallonga route leads visitors to those places most well known from the mythic stories of Serrallonga the bandit; the gates of the mountain where he was awaited, and the house in which he lived. One part of this route runs from Osor to the Mare de Déu del Coll Sanctuary, an easy, well sign- posted trek with beautiful scenery.

    *GR 83 or Camí del Nord is longer distance trail which connects the town of Mataró with the town of Prada de Conflent in France, crossing the Guillerías mountain range, and passing Osor and the Susqueda reservoir.


  • Biking and mountain biking trails

    The Guillerías range has numerous sign-posted trails for mountain biking of all levels; from easy and flat “Via Verda del Carrilet”, apt for all of the family, to more steep, rugged trails between the mountains and the Sau and Susqueda reservoirs for more fearless riders.
      via verda del carrilet
    * Bike rental (, in Amer ,24 Km, 30 min).

    * Electric bike rental (Burricleta, in Vilanna, 23Km, 25min)

  • Paragliding (24 Km, 30 min)

    Enjoy the freedom of paragliding on a two seat Volfactory glider, feel the breeze and enjoy the landscape. Para-glider flights take off from Santa Brígida (Amer). Discounts are available to guests of Refugi de Guilles.

    vol en parapent
  • Thermal springs and Spas

    The region has many thermal springs and spas with medicinal mineral waters.

    The Magma Thermal Wellness Centre (Centre Lúdic i Termal Magma)is situated in Santa Coloma de Farners (27,5km / 35mins away).

    Guests of Refugi de Guilles benefit from a 10% discount on full price tickets, for a stay of up to 3 hours.


    Magma Magma
  •  Molí dels Murris Gorge (31 Km, 47 min)

    The Planes d’Hostoles region boasts many spectacular waterfalls. Access to the waterfalls is along an unpaved road and the journey takes around 10 minutes by foot.


    Gorg del molí dels Murris Gorg del Molí dels Murris


  • Visit Girona (32 Km, 45 min)

    Situated between mountains and sea,Girona, has a privileged location. Visit monuments and museums of great national interest, the cathedral, the old town, or the Jewish Quarters.
    Girona Girona, plaça Catalunya
    Girona, Barri Jueu
  • Volcanic region of the Garrotxa (47 Km, 1h)

    The best display of volcanic landscape in the whole Iberian Peninsula is to be found in the Garrotxa. It has around forty volcanic cones and some twenty lava flows. The terrain, the land and climate supports a variety of vegetation, including holm oaks, common oaks and beech of great value to the landscape.


     volà el Croscat Fageda